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World Peace (Video, silent, 2 mins 45 secs 2016)

World Peace shows the global reach of a mass prescribed anti-depressant by doctors to medicate masses of vulnerable adults with ‘depressive and panic disorders’. Anti-depressants have become a corporate solution to global emtional unrest available world -wide. Side Effects include: drowsiness, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, fatique, anxiety, mood swings, tremors, convulsions, hallucinations and can cause suicidal ideation.


The pharmaceutical and medical industry’s view of mental health could be described as a neuro-colonial enterprise - like terrestrial colonialism where the host nation is forced to give up its resources to a foreign invader, here the individual ‘host’ or patient’s indigenous emotional diversity and bio-chemical resources are dominated by foreign chemical forces and oppressive neuro-scientific laws. The patient is further subjugated by being identified as primarily a producer of one set of symptoms that feeds the health industrial complex much like a colonised country is forced into underdevelopment by producing one export. The branding of the medication is adapted to different national languages and their cultures for example, phonetically the drug is called Sigh Lift and Humour Up providing clues to the efficacy of the cure.


See also World Peace Poster ( Care series)

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