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Time=Money (Video,15 mins, silent,1994)



Time = Money and the City has plenty to waste. The City expects its workforce to share its aspiration to be high earners and high spenders.A close-up of sand pouring from a salary man’s trouser leg on to the ground references the popular 60s Film ‘The Great Escape’ and its iconic escape tunnel waste disposal scene are evoked and transposed to show sand pouring from the hourglass figure of the unknown City office worker ‘doing time’.


The relentless flow of sand is the psychic and emotional wasted time that must be dumped before he can escape from the prison of ‘his’ conditioning that has him a consuming, compliant and dependent functionary of private capital accumulation. His immaterial labour producing an income he pours endlessly on credit, leisure time and stuff. Money dominates his artificially separated worlds of work and play. The escape is the escapism of consumption and the deferred hope that he will have the life and time he wants one day, but not now.

Recently Time=Money screened as part of ' Absent Father's Day performance 2019

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