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History in Colour ( HD silent 2.25 minutes colour 2016)


History in Colour evokes the enduring emotional half-life that comes with ambient violence (psychological abuse). Rising lines of a poem describe a durable emotional colour scheme that ranges beyond the walls and doors of home into the future routinely colouring his or her story of escapes. History in Colour is part of Anticlimb: a series of text/graphic  film/installations that look at psychological and interpersonal dynamics that un/consciously hold back or prevent an individual from ‘going up in the world

Anti-climb paint is a viscous paint used to protect institutions from being broken in to.The glutinous paint indelibly marks and shames the intruder or climber. Here the paint is reconceptualised as an interior (ie psychological) paint to highlight particular psychological and psychosocial institutions of thought, feeling and action that destabilise our ways of being with others and ourselves.

 ‘Anti-climb’ suggests an institution of thought i.e. institutionalised thinking, through unchecked repetition, becomes invisible or naturalised. The institution of the family inevitably becomes the foundation or imprint for the profound development and subsequent spread of these patterns that are then played out in future relationships in private and public life where the ‘intrusion’ of psychological help and social intervention is kept out until it becomes visible as a ‘social issue’, ‘crime’ or the unspectacular tragedy of a half-life.   





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