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Half- Eaten (Video, 2 mins 15 secs, 2015)


In Half-Eaten two parallel lines of text rising up the screen describes two couples from opposite ends of the class spectrum having dinner together - each attracted to their exotic other that they pretend to know. It is a spectacle of social mobility that suits the dominating cultural/media myths that we live in a socially fluid world populated by exceptional individuals who have transcended their class backgrounds and are not afraid to play together in meritocracy’s no wo/man’s land. 

Half- Eaten presents a picture of today's ossified class divisions – two parallel lines that rarely meet and suggests the diners may share an ambivalence towards their class origins producing an uneasy sense of being present to and absent from their acquired subjectivity while they attempt to be someone else.

See also Anti-Climb prints ( Class series) Half-Eaten and others.  






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