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Count Back From 100 (Video, 2mins, b/w, 2014)




Count Back From 100 uses re-filmed material originally shot at Canary Wharf and a lecture given by Eric Sorenson, former CEO of LDDC (London Docklands Development Corporation) in 1993. The title refers to the anaesthetist’s gentle instruction to patients to count back from 100.  In this case, the numbers floating up the screen refer to the years and years of casual land grabbing and social exclusion from the redevelopment of this area the size of Central London. The watery electronic undertow pulls Eric under as his place in this history is washed away. The upside down fountain where the water never reaches the ground is emblematic of the trickledown flow.


See also Reconstruction2: Suspect Interview with the Sir Edward Hollamby for more references to London Docklands

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